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Seven reasons you should choose a local website designer

1. Local web designers offer better value for money.

When compared to a DIY site, a professional website may look like an expensive option, at first sight. DIY sites look very appealing because they are often free with a hosting plan. The downside of using these DIY web designs is that the templates or themes which form the basis of the web design are used by many other businesses, which means that their websites will have exactly the same look and feel as yours. If you want to appeal to Search engines and potential customers, then you need to stand out from the crowd, good SEO is offering something unique. If you want to stand apart from your competitors you need a website that is crafted around your business objectives, and designed to fit perfectly with your brand and your target audience. Your local web designer has the design expertise, marketing experience and SEO knowledge to make sure that you have a website that produces results. In the long run, using a local web designer will more than pay for itself because it will generate more customer enquiries. Think of it as an investment rather than an expense, and like all good investments it should more than pay for itself.

2. You can build a relationship with your local website designer, because it is easier to communicate with them.

People do business with people. It is impossible to build any kind of business relationship with a corporation. You can build a business relationship based on mutual trust with someone that is locally based. Communication between you and your web designer is the key to ensuring that your website is built properly and to your satisfaction. Using a local website designer enables you to easily communicate exactly what you want for your website, without having to wait long periods for someone that you don’t really know, to get back to you. If you want to speak to someone, you simply pick up the phone, there are no call centres.

3. You get a more personal level of service with a local web designer.

Large companies follow strict rules and procedures, which often forces them to be inflexible in the way that they treat their customers.Your local web designer has the flexibility to go the extra mile for their customers.

4. Using local website designers can help you link up with potential customers.

Using a local web design company can connect your business with new customers that are located in the same area as your business. One of the first things new businesses need is a website, as such your local web designer is often in touch with new businesses that are being created in your local community. Many of these new businesses will be looking for the products and services that you offer and could be potential new customers for you.

5. Local website designers share a commonality with your business.

Your local website design company is running a local business exactly like you. As such they understand many of the pressures that you are under. They also understand the demands associated with trading in the local community. They understand the way that local people talk, the local idioms and the local way of doing business. Your local web designer can build a website that can communicate with your customers in a way that businesses from outside the area will never be able to do.

6. Local website designers typically have lower overheads so can charge less and offer more than web design agencies.

Administrative overheads and management costs are typically lower for smaller businesses which can drive down costs. Shorter management chains and less bureaucracy provides a quicker response to your changing requirements.

7. Managed Web Services, your Kent website design and SEO consultant is dedicated to providing a range of web services to the local community that are second to none.

Using any local company is beneficial when it comes to website design and local seo. We believe that using Managed Web Services is your best option if you want the highest level of professionalism to make sure your website performs they way it should. Remember, your website should be an investment not an overhead, and like any investment it needs to be properly managed to show a healthy return.



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Jeremy Kitt is the Principle Web Designer with Managed Web Services, responsible for website design, development and marketing.

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