Live Chat & Chatbots


Live Chat


  • Contact your web visitors and turn them into happy customers by enhancing their online experience and boost your sales using live chat.
  • Our live chat option works across all platforms including iOS & Android enabling you to communicate with your customers from anywhere.
  • You will receive incoming visitor notifications to engage with visitors as soon as they come to your website.
  • A ‘viewed pages list’ enables you to see where your visitors are so you can offer them specific assistance.
  • A live typing preview enables you to stay on top of conversations and prepare your answers.
  • You can specify which pages should display the invitation to chat.
  • You can schedule your operating hours or show the invitation to only when you are online.
  • You can also set up automatic responses to be sent on specific days of the week.

Automated Chat


Implementing an automated Chabot enables you to engage with your visitors 24/7.


Our Chatbots are fully customised  to support the following:

    • Simple  text responses to standard questions
    • Hyperlinks to add value in response to message content.
    • Fine tune which pages the Chatbot will display
    • Fine tune the floating icon position
    • Use a Custom Icon to brand the bot
    • Show a List of FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions defined by you
    • Let users email you any question or feedback they may have
    • Let users leave their phone number so you can call them back
    • Options to display Start Menu After Greetings
    • Options to open the ChatBot Full Screen on a mobile
    • Integrate with FaceBook messenger
    • Integrate with ecommerce
    • Save Chatbot sessions
    • Integrate with mailing lists
    • Integrate with Mailchimp and Zapier
    • Multi language options
    • Voice Messsage options
    • Integrate with Whatsapp
    • Integrate with Google Voice Assist
    • Integrate with Google’s Dialogflow Agent API to process natural language queries.