Web Marketing by Managed Web Services

Web Marketing

Web marketing is all about promoting your website to your target market. Your website is a powerful tool, but like any tool you have to know how to use it properly. It is probably easier to explain our approach to Web Marketing by first explaining what we don’t do. We are not a web marketing company, there are plenty of online marketeers available, our web marketing services are focused on complementing such services. We aim to integrate the necessary tools into your website to enable you to implement and track your web marketing campaigns with ease. Those tools range from 'email marketing' or 'social media for business'. Once implemented we will advise you on how best to use those tools. We do not create and implement campaigns on your behalf, we leave that to the digital marketers. Remember that the heart of any online campaign is a quality website, without that you have nothing worth promoting. In this section we will focus on email marketing, please see the appropriate sections below for more information on 'SEO' and 'Using Social Media for Business'.

Email Marketing

Web Marketing Thanet: email campaigns by managed web services
Managed Web Services will advise you on how to set up and develop an email marketing campaign, everything from a regular newsletter to a targeted sales campaign. We will advise you on how to set up:

1. Custom designed email templates that can be branded like your website.
2. Manage your lists of subscribers.
3. Generate reports that let you measure the effectiveness of every campaign you send.

Using Social Media for Business

Web Marketing: social media marketing in Thanet with Managed Web Services

We will implement the tools on your website to enable you to use social media as a marketing device. We will advise you on how to drive targeted and engaged users to your website to boost sales and generate leads. Open a dialogue with your target market:

• Increase your brand recognition.
• Reach potential, there is a huge market out there.
• Increase inbound traffic to your website.
• Build your credibility.
• Enhance accessibility to your website.
• Conversion opportunities, create more customers.

Devise incentives for users to become your friends, and build long-term relationships so that they will also become your brand advocates and create awareness among other users.